How Evaluation Works

Follow our two-stage procedure to gain access to your desired account size and effectively manage a Funded Account.


Choose Account Size and complete the Challenge step

The Challenge serves as the initial phase of the Evaluation Process, where success is essential to progress into the Verification stage. Demonstrate your trading skills and exhibit disciplined adherence to the Trading Objectives to move forward.

Verify your trading skills by reaching the 5% profit target

Verification is the final step in your journey to becoming a FundsCap Trader. Upon successfully passing the Verification stage and having your results verified, you will receive an opportunity to trade for our esteemed Proprietary Trading Firm with real capital funds.

Choose the Account Size
of your Next Challenge

Profit Target

$400 (8%)

Profit Target

$2000 (8%)

Profit Target

$4000 (8%)

Profit Target

$8000 (8%)

Profit Target

$16000 (8%)

Profit Target

$30000 (8%)